rzzmg (rzzmg) wrote,

GrangerEnchanted - permanent closure, and needs our fandom's help to export fics

Sadly, according to a post on GrangerEnchanted.com's official Facebook page, the site has decided to go down permanently.

In order to reinstate it temporarily so they can export all of the fics housed at GE and Malfoy Manor (their sister site that focussed on the Malfoy family specifically), they need to pay the service provider, and are soliciting donations from our fandom.

I am sad to see another great HP fandom site go. Hopefully, authors who had housed their fics on the two linked sites of GE/Malfoy Manor will hear about the closure and consider moving their works to AO3 and/or Fanfiction.net, which appear to be so popular, they don't look to be going away any time soon.
Tags: go check it out now!, harry potter

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